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ac wall floor thermostat ac wall floor thermostat ac wall floor thermostat ac wall floor thermostat ac wall floor thermostat

ac wall floor thermostat

Product ID : HTW-WF01
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Model: HTW-WF01-16A

>>Electric Underfloor Heating, 16A, L+N line voltage output terminals

>>Internal and External Sensor

>>95~240Vac, 50/60Hz

>>White backlit

>>17 Mainstreaming Languages synchronize in APP.

>>Wifi Application

Product Description

1. Product Description

The HTW-WF01 smart thermostat and all its functions are easy to use. It can still be controlled via a smartphone app and can be programmed weekly. But if you want to walk to the thermostat and press the button, the design of HTW-WF01 makes it look very simple and generous.


2. Product Video

For the electric floor heating thermostat, in addition to ensuring the comfort and energy saving of the electric floor heating system, it must also ensure the safety of the electric floor heating system, because the thermostat is directly related to the user's life safety and property safety. In theory, an electric heating thermostat with an output current of 16 amps can control a heating cable or electric heating film with a power of 3,520 watts. However, in installation practice, the output power of the electric floor heating thermostat should not be at full load output and should be left 20% safety margin.

3. Features

1. Energy saving: The Internet thermostat has advanced and precise room temperature control, plus it can operate at room temperature in different periods and on-demand. There is no need to turn on the heater all day, saving energy and reducing consumption, saving costs and environmental protection and safety;

2. Convenience: Internet thermostats generally have a programming model, which can actively turn on/off home appliances early or delayed every day, eliminating manual operation, which is very convenient for office workers;

3. Comfortable: The Internet thermostat automatically adjusts the room temperature every morning, afternoon, and night, avoiding the difficulty of getting up in the morning and waiting for the room to heat up after returning home from getting off work.


4. Applications

Our houses are getting smarter. This not only saves us from tedious work and minor problems, but it also saves us money. The smart thermostat is a shining example of smart home technology. The best smart thermostats can help us live more comfortably at home, save energy, and put more money in our pockets.

Application for WiFi Thermostat

5. Certifications

certificate of HTW-WF02-FC smart digital thermostat

6. Our Company

HOTOWELL International Co., Ltd. is a company with 10 years of experience in designing/manufacturing high-end electronic room thermostats. We provide OEM/ODM services to global customers, including manufacturing, design, engineering, and tools. With many years of experience, our products have unparalleled quality, reliability, and durability. Our products are exported all over the world, especially the European and American markets. At present, our main products include a non-programmable/programmable thermostat, button/button/touch screen thermostat, wired and wireless thermostat, we can also manufacture timers and other related heating system control components according to customer requirements.

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7. FAQ

Q: What about transportation?

A: We can ship by express, by air, and by sea.

Q: Where is your factory located?

A: Our address is Songyu South Road No. 99, Hailian Biz Building, Haicang District, Xiamen

Q: Do you have a showroom?

A: Yes, showroom with a full range of products.

Q: Can you arrange shipment for the customer?

A: Yes, very good experience in shipping, we work with some good forwarders here to arrange the shipping.


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