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 >> About Hotowell                                                    

Hotowell International Co., Limited is a high-tech company, who has being dedicated in improving people’s experience in temperature/environment comfort by manufacturing and providing HVAC(Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Products and solutions. In the past decades, Hotowell has been cooperating with many international companies and HVAC projects through Europe, American, Asia, Oceania.

Our product range contains:

Thermostats, Motorized Zone Valves, Ball Valves, Valve Actuators, Damper Actuators, Controllers, Radiator valves, and etc. covering industrial, commercial and residential temperature controls.

Hotowell gets pretty good reputation from the existing market due to its stable product performance, reasonable competitive prices and thoughtful services.

 >> Hotowell Objective                                               

HOTOWELL products and services are designed and used as field control products to be integrated with HVAC control systems such as:
 BAS = Building Automation System
 BMS = Building Management System
 BEMS = Building Energy Management System
 BAMS = Building Automation Management Systems
HVAC controls = Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning controls
Our objective is to develop, produce and design user-friendly products on the highest technical level. We place great value on always meeting the requirements of the latest technical standard. In this process we take the utmost care in complying with quality and safety standards and thus ensure a long service life for our products. Products that satisfy rigorous quality requirements can only be manufactured through modern manufacturing methods. Satisfaction of all safety and environmental guidelines is a matter of course for us. 

How to combine all this with a maximum of comfort and convenience – this was our goal. As a leader in technology and a trendsetter in the field of HVAC control technology, we have been offering to our customers mature and environmentally compatible solutions for the safe control and distribution of electric energy for many years.

 >> Research & Development                                    

We are proud of the great innovation and practicability of our product and programming designs. Every design of our product is full of its designers’ close observation of comfortable life, as well as the passion to enhance your lifestyle. We believe our pursuit of innovation will bring pleasure and enjoyment to your temperature comfort experience. We listen closely to customer’s intimate feelings in order to make sure their needs can be integrated into our product design. We spare no effort on the research of new HVAC technologies so as to bring new features to perfect the performance of our products. We are taking the lead by continuously providing better products for the market.

 >> Manufacturing                                                      


Rich experience in product design and manufacturing, knowledgeable about global HVAC standards, our highly-trained team is so excellent that every product from our hands is like a masterpiece from a great artist. You will feel the expertise immediately when you touch our products even at the very first time.

 >> Quality Control                                                     

We place a high priority on the control of product quality as we understand our customers buy our products for everything but struggling with repair or replacement. Every piece of HOTOWELL product is inspected by our strict quality control procedure before it reaching end user. Our cutting-edge testing laboratory has been accomplishing its mission fantastically as it always did in the past.