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Line Voltage New Thermostat
Line Voltage New Thermostat Line Voltage New Thermostat Line Voltage New Thermostat Line Voltage New Thermostat Line Voltage New Thermostat

Line Voltage New Thermostat

Product ID : HTW-31-F13
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Central air conditioning thermostat is specially designed for control fan coil, widely used in heating, cooling, ventilation, and other HVAC control. Central air conditioning temperature controller is divided into 2 kinds, one kind is mechanical type temperature controller, one kind is liquid crystal temperature controller, it is to use liquid crystal commonly now, it's not only beautiful and function is more powerful.

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Line voltage thermostat HTW-31-F13 is an electronic version of a simple mechanical thermostat. It USES electronic controls instead of bimetal coils to sense temperature changes and is more accurate. These thermostats usually have large, easy-to-read displays and are often used to replace older mechanical thermostats. Digital thermostats have heating and cooling modes, as well as fan locations for on/off and automatic, and are programmable.





Digital New Thermostat Application

A Fan-coil air conditioning system is a unit consisting of a fan and coil unit placed in an air-conditioned room. The fan coil thermostat controls the extension and the water valve. The fan sucks in the air filters it and then heats or cools it through the coil. Then it enters the air conditioning room on the spot to achieve the purpose of air conditioning. The fresh air required by the room is usually fed into the pipe after the outdoor air is centrally treated by the fresh air treatment unit. A centralized supply of refrigerant for fan-coil units is a semi-centralized air-conditioning system. In this system, the cooling (or heat) is brought into the air-conditioned room by air and water respectively. It is an air-water system.


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FCU Thermostat certificate


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