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Best Digital Zigbee Thermostat
Best Digital Zigbee Thermostat Best Digital Zigbee Thermostat Best Digital Zigbee Thermostat Best Digital Zigbee Thermostat Best Digital Zigbee Thermostat

Best Digital Zigbee Thermostat

Product ID : HTW-31RT
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HTW-31RT Zigbee radiator thermostat is easy to use and has a clear and easy-to-read LCD display, which is very suitable for users who want to fully control the floor heating system. Through the mute switch and TPI calibration, accuracy and efficiency can be ensured. Time and heat schedules are also fully programmable to optimize control and minimize energy consumption.

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ZigBee is an energy-saving controller compatible with ZigBee wireless communication. ZigBee is designed as a radiator thermostat, using home automation as an HVAC compatible device. Depending on the selected mode, the energy-saving controller can be used as a heating thermostat or only as an actuator when it is deactivated. The temperature measured by the internal sensor or the position of the valve actuator can be reported back to the corresponding gateway through ZigBee. The Zigbee radiator thermostat can be adjusted to suit the individual needs of users.


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Zigbee Thermostat Features

Stylish and compact surface mount solution

Group control thermostat

Personalized or preset programming

Valve protection function (VPF)

Backlit display with touch-sensitive buttons

ZigBee wireless smart home application integration

Zigbee 2.4 GHz

2-year warranty

Application of radiator thermostat



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Zigbee Home Thermostat




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