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Hotowell 2 Zigbee Thermostat Uk
Hotowell 2 Zigbee Thermostat Uk Hotowell 2 Zigbee Thermostat Uk Hotowell 2 Zigbee Thermostat Uk Hotowell 2 Zigbee Thermostat Uk Hotowell 2 Zigbee Thermostat Uk

Hotowell 2 Zigbee Thermostat Uk

Product ID : HTW-31RT
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Product Attributes :

--Zigbee heating thermostat actuator

--Compatible with radiators

--0.5 temperature accuracy

-- Frequency: 2.4Ghz

--Seven days programmable

--Batteries power

Product Description

1.     General

For UK heating market, radiator and the water underfloor heating system are two of the most popular heating system. To control flow in the radiator conveniently, a wireless Zigbee wifi radiator thermostat valve actuator helps o lot. Hotowell HTW-31RT Zigbee wireless thermostat actuator is to fit UK market. Heating system suitable for the household metering-single-pipe horizontal series system: the single-pipe horizontal series system is a relatively common heating system. The method is to set up a total water supply and return system (called a large system) in each residential unit, and each user is an independent small system. The riser pipe well for the main water supply and return water is located in the cabinet close to the stairs. The water supply and return water of each floor are connected to the large system (only one household is installed on each floor), and the inlet and outlet pipes of the small system are equipped with regulating shut-off valves and heat meters. , So that households can measure heat charges. The advantages of this system are: no vertical riser pipes through the floors, does not affect the wall decoration; disadvantages: can not control the temperature in separate rooms; each group of radiators must be equipped with a cold air valve; pipelines and balconies must be handled.


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3.     Specification

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5.     Certifications

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6.     Our company

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We are proud of the great innovation and practicability of our product and programming designs. Every design of our product is full of its designers' close observation of comfortable life, as well as the passion to enhance your lifestyle. We believe our pursuit of innovation will bring pleasure and enjoyment to your temperature comfort experience. We listen closely to customer's intimate feelings in order to make sure their needs can be integrated into our product design. We spare no effort on the research of new HVAC technologies so as to bring new features to perfect the performance of our products. We are taking the lead by continuously providing better products for the market.


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7.     FAQs

Q1. Would you offer us a discount if l can place a large order?

A1. We will apply and offer a reasonable discount according to your order quantity.


Q2: Are products tested before shipping?

A2: Yes, of course. All of our products not only thermostat but valves has 100% passed QC test before shipping.


Q3: Can you arrange shipment for a customer?

A3: Yes, very good experience in shipping, we work with some good forwarders here to arrange the shipping.

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