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What are the notes for using the thermostat?

What are the notes for using the thermostat?

The central air-conditioning thermostat is specially designed and developed for controlling fan coils, which is widely used in heating, cooling, ventilation and other HVAC control.

What is the working principle of the thermostat?

The working principle of the central air conditioning thermostat is actually not as complicated as we think. Speaking of the thermostat, it is actually an electronic switching device that can regulate the temperature of the air-conditioned room. Generally, the temperature control range of the thermostat is between 18°C and 28°C. Its working principle is actually to regulate and control by the principle of pressure, and push the contact points in the controller to work by pressure.

What should be paid attention to when using the thermostat?

1.      Wiring diagram should be right

The wiring must be operated according to the correct wiring diagram. Never allow water, mud, dust and other magazines to be mixed into the thermostat, otherwise the parts will be damaged.

2.      The output control power of the thermostat is related to the safety and stability of use. If it is not selected properly, it may cause serious consequences. Thermostat products are marked with output control voltage and current. Multiply the output control voltage and current to get the output control power. The operating power of the controlled equipment must be less than the output control power of the thermostat. Otherwise, it will damage the thermostat and cause fire in serious cases!

3.      There is free flowing air around the place where the thermostat is installed and the temperature should be stable. Also avoid installing the thermostat in a place where there is direct sunlight. When the interior is being decorated, do not install the thermostat first.

4.      Some brands of thermostats support multi-voltage input central air-conditioning thermostats. It is necessary to ensure that the input voltage is consistent with the allowable input voltage. Another point to be mentioned is that some thermostats do not support the on-off of DC power, or the DC voltage that can be turned on and off is small. This should be consulted with the merchant when buying the thermostat, so as not to cause unnecessary Trouble.

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