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How Does the Wireless Thermostat Make Gas Boilers Energy-efficient and Efficient?

How Does the Wireless Thermostat Make Gas Boilers Energy-efficient and Efficient?

Regardless of whether the home is equipped with floor heating or radiators, as long as the heating source is a wall-hung boiler, one particular concern (except for central heating) is the amount of gas or electricity consumption per day.

Regarding the daily amount of gas or electricity consumption, there is also a topic-energy saving. So is there any way to effectively improve the efficiency of the wall-hung boiler, achieve energy saving, and at the same time achieve the effect of room temperature comfort?

wifi thermostat

A good wireless thermostat can make the wall-hung boiler achieve 30% energy saving effect. It is a very valuable accessory and should be used as a standard configuration for every user. Are there any good wireless thermostat recommendations?

As shown below, this wireless Wifi smart thermostat HTW-31-WKT13-PRO is mainly used to control wall-hung boilers. There are two connection methods. It is suitable for the needs of different groups of people and has Wifi intelligent control function. Remote control can be realized through the wifi IOT smart module. It can be operated by mobile phones or by voice control. This not only saves heating costs, but also improves heating quality.

wireeless smart thermostat

In order to improving the energy-saving and high efficiency of the boiler, It is necessary to configure a wireless thermostat for the boiler. Why is it said that wireless thermostats can make wall-hung boilers energy-saving and efficient? Mainly reflected in five aspects.

1. The room heating energy consumption will increase by about 8% for every 1 increase in the room temperature. The temperature controller can control the room temperature not to exceed the required temperature to avoid excessively high room temperature.

2. When there is no one in the house or after falling asleep at night, energy saving can be obtained by lowering the room temperature, and automatically controlling the temperature rise and cooling in advance through timing and automatic control to reduce energy consumption under the premise of ensuring comfort.

wireless thermostat for boiler

3. When the room temperature reaches the set temperature, the thermostat can control the wall-hung boiler to stop working. Because the room temperature changes slowly, it will not start the wall-hung boiler again until the temperature drops to the lower limit to avoid the wall-hung boiler due to rapid changes in water temperature. Start and stop multiple times to further reduce energy consumption.

4. With Wifi function, it can realize remote intelligent control of the temperature at home. You can see the temperature changes in your home at any time, so you can adjust the temperature through your mobile phone to achieve energy-saving effects.

5. With programming function, the temperature of working days and rest days can be set separately, and the temperature of different time periods can be set. Can achieve the effect of energy saving to a large extent.

wifi control wireless thermostat

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