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How to Choose a Thermostat for your HVAC System?

How to Choose a Thermostat for your HVAC System?

When it comes to controlling the temperature in your home, a good thermostat can both warm and cool your heart as needed.

But firstly, you need to know how to choose a suitable thermostat for your HVAC system. 

In my opinions, the following are four basic conditions you should consider.

1. Decide you're interested in simple thermostats or smart thermostats?

If all you care about is simple normal thermostat will suffice, then it is much more affordable. If you're interested in controlling your thermostat with your voice or an app, or in giving up control it by your smart phone or control the temperature in group, then you should consider a smart wifi thermostat, smart Modbus/Bacnet thermostat. To narrow your choices, factor in smart features, price, and attributes that matter to you, such as color, size, or style.


2. Consider Your HVAC System

Please confirm you will use for cooling or heating system first. Nearly all of our models work on common heating and cooling systems. This is especially a concern with smart wifi thermostats, as not all models support all types of HVAC systems. For example, Hotowell's normal wifi thermostats do not support two-stage heat pump systems, but the model of HTW-81-FN7-WF does, which with similar function with Nest thermostats. And if you have separate heating and cooling systems, you may need to install a separate thermostat for each system, as well as each zone of heating and cooling. The follows are our thermostats suitable for heat pump system.


3. Compare Your Wiring Diagram

You should open up your existing thermostat to see what kind of wiring you have. Then compare our thermostat's wiring diagram to check whether it is suitable for you. Most normal programmable thermostats will work with as few as two low-voltage wires (common in older heating systems), but newer thermostats often require a common wire, or C-wire. The C-wire provides continuous power for features like displays and WiFi. If you aren't sure if you have a C-wire, you'll need to consult an HVAC technician.


4. About Installation Way

If your old thermostat is wall mounted type, then you should consider to choose the same wall mounted model. Otherwise, the flush mounted thermostat should install a junction box in the wall, maybe it is too complex for you to install it. Most wall mounted thermostats can be wired easily into your heating and cooling system. But if you will choose thermostat for a new project or for your new house, I think to choose flush mounted thermostat is a good choice for you. Most of our thermostats are with flush mounted, which with stable quality and competitive prices. Then all of our smart with thermostats will also include detailed installation instructions or video walkthroughs to make the process easier, such as following picture.


If you still do not find a suitable thermostat from our current models, do not worry, Hotowell has been manufacturing thermostats with more than 10 years, our professional teams are able to do customize according to your per requirements. And welcome to contact me as following methods, then I will recommend a suitable model for you.



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