Home News Company News 1 Heat/ 1 Cool Single Stage Thermostat – The Best Alternative for Your Home

1 Heat/ 1 Cool Single Stage Thermostat – The Best Alternative for Your Home

1 Heat/ 1 Cool Single Stage Thermostat – The Best Alternative for Your Home

Briefly speaking, single stage system means there is only one level output in your furnace. For example, single stage heating system means your heating system has only one level of heating output, either gas furnace or electric furnace. Based on the comprehension of single stage system, it is easy to understand what the multi-stage system is. Multi-stage system means there are two or more level heating outputs in your heating system. The example would be the two stage system which means there are 2 level heating outputs. Except for the furnace, maybe there is another heating method such as floor heating. The second level output usually is treated as an emergency setting, if you want the room temperature reach to the set-point faster, than you can turn on the second level output in the two stage system.

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Hotowell has newly launched the single stage non programmable thermostat and the single stage programmable thermostat. This new design thermostat is compatible with many systems such as gas or electric furnace system, heat pump system without any backup heat method, central air conditioner etc. Single stage thermostat is very popular in millivolt system, which has 20~30 vac or 2 *AA battery power supply. There is no danger for human to install and use the single stage thermostat at home, in office or in hotel. The single stage thermostat has pretty simple and compact design, only two buttons and a large LCD display can be seen in the front panel. The battery installation is user friendly, which is on the front side nor the back, so customers do not need to get the thermostat down when the low battery needs to be changed. There is a cover upon the battery to avoid they are seen by people. Furthermore, the child lock function is available to prevent children from pressing buttons casually so that the setting parameters will not be affected and stay the same.

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