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Single or Multi Stage Heating/Cooling System Thermostat – Which one is Yours?

Single or Multi Stage Heating/Cooling System Thermostat – Which one is Yours?

If you’re a homeowner, you’ll definitely have a heating/cooling system thermostat installed in your home. Based on your location, home size & other factors – the type of heating/cooling system would vary. In this article let’s learn more about types of heating/cooling systems and how to identify the one you’re in your home. Basically, we can classify heating/cooling system thermostat into two types based on the stages of heating/cooling provided – they are 1) Single Stage and 2) Multi Stage – heating/cooling systems. Let’s see them in detail.

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Heating/cooling system is technically known as an HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). Single stage thermostat in HVAC system has only one stage of heating or cooling output. They are either running at full capacity (ON state) or not running at all (OFF state).

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Multi stage thermostat has more than one stage of heating/cooling output. The most common multi stage thermostat is two stage heating/cooling system – which has two output levels of heating/cooling. A two stage HVAC system will have a low setting & high setting suited for moderate climate conditions & extreme climate conditions. If the winter/summer is not on the extreme side, you just need to run your two stages HVAC on “low setting” which will adjust your room temperature gradually. If the climate is on extreme side, put your 2 stage thermostat on the “high setting” which will adjust your room temperature quickly.

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Other than two stage systems (the most popular and common model), there are three stage & four stage systems – in multi stage heating/cooling systems. The cost of the system increases with the number of stages. In North America, most of the homes run on single stage or two stage heating/cooling systems. Single stage systems are the least priced & easy to install. But they’ve the disadvantage of lesser fuel efficiency & uneven heating. Two stage systems costs high to install (& setup) but they are highly efficient & they provide even temperature to all rooms.


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