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What are the impacts of chip shortages on the HVAC industry?

What are the impacts of chip shortages on the HVAC industry?

According to the home appliance company Midea Group, after the global shortage of semiconductors, disrupted the production of automobiles and home digital products, it has now spread to China's huge home appliance industry.

Midea said in a statement on Thursday that the supply of chips from home appliance manufacturers is "under pressure."

HOTOWELL said that due to the continued global shortage of chips, the price of chips used in HVAC thermostat products will rise and the delivery time will become longer.

HOTOWELL International Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of HVAC accessories, mainly producing thermostats, electric valves, water flow switches, etc. Due to the shortage of chips, HOTOWELL is facing greater pressure on product prices and production cycles.

Regarding the problem of chip shortages on a global scale, experts believe that this phenomenon is due to the slowdown in production during the epidemic period and the rapid increase in chip demand in the electronics and automotive industries. However, the expansion of chip production lines is expensive and difficult to build in a short period of time. Manufacturers Unwilling to expand the production line.

Under today's pressure situation, HOTOWELL is constantly looking for better chip partners and alternative solutions, and can currently respond to customer orders. As a professional and innovative company, challenges and opportunities coexist. HOTOWELL insists on launching new products every year to support customers' competitiveness in the market. 

HOTOWELL 2021 NEW                                             

Model: HTW-WF03 Seris LED Matrix LCD Thermostat          

  • >>95~240Vac, 50/60Hz]
  • >>White backlit
  • >>17 Mainstreaming Languages synchronize in APP.
  • >>Wifi Application
  • >>Negative Screen White UI


  • Water heating
  • Electric Underfloor Heating
  • Boiler
  • Fan Coil Unit

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