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Free masks from Hotowell to her oversea partners

Free masks from Hotowell to her oversea partners

Until the March 23rd, the global total confirmed cases of CORVID-19 up to 338,156, corona virus spreads so quickly which is out of many people's image.


As the corona virus spreads around the world, more and more people are upset. How to protect yourself and your family in this special period becomes the key point.

Many specialists would recommend you to wear a mask when you go outside, wash your hands usually, no gathering.

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But the problem now is that the corona virus spreads so quickly and suddenly, people are very hard to buy the masks. 

China face the same situation in the last 2 months, under the Chinese government’s effort and the whole people’s support, China has a good result on beating the COVID-19, and now the masks supply in China back to normal.


Hotowell company, as a professional leading supplier of HVAC accessories, also a warm love company, preparing some masks as freely to her customers.

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Hotowell prepare adult and Child masks for customers and their family.

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Customers from Spain, Estonia, United States and Brazil will get the freely masks in 5 days by express.


Many oversea partners are appreciated for Hotowell’s help in this difficult period, they call Hotowell is not only a good thermostats/ zone valves supplier but also a real friend.

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