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How to choose a qualified thermostat?

How to choose a qualified thermostat?

In the annual decoration season, many friends have chosen to install underfloor heating, hoping to use it in winter. One of the most popular questions recently is: Which temperature control should I choose?

What is a good thermostat?

1. Concise and clear interactive interface

The control interface is simple and clear, and easy operation is the foundation.

2. Accuracy

The most important point of good temperature control is precision!

The smaller the difference between the set temperature and the actual temperature, the more accurate it is. The temperature difference of conventional thermostats is generally ±1℃, and the temperature difference of high-end thermostats is ±0.5℃. You can ask professionals for on-site approval while debugging the floor heating.


3. Service life & sensitivity

For the thermostat, the service life is generally 3-5 years, the quality is more than 5 years, and the quality is less than 3 years. In addition, sensitivity is also key. You can try the feel when you buy: the knob type needs to rotate smoothly, the button type needs to be sensitive and no key phenomenon, and the touch screen type needs to be lightly pressed and silent.

Which thermostat is suitable for my home?

The thermostat can be applied to each room. It should be noted that the water heating temperature control and the electric heating temperature control need to be purchased separately because the thermostats of the two heating systems cannot be mixed. The control range of the controller is basically one connected to each room, one to the living room, a separate large bathroom can be connected to temperature control, and a small bathroom can be shared with the master bedroom.

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