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Why should the boiler be equipped with a thermostat? Which thermostat is better?

Why should the boiler be equipped with a thermostat? Which thermostat is better?

The wall-hung boiler thermostat is suitable for controlling the heating system of the wall-hung boiler. Its working principle is the thermal element on the thermostat. The resistance changes with temperature. By comparing the temperature of the room with the set temperature, when the resistance changes to a certain calibration value, the relay can switch and output control. Start and stop of the boiler.

The thermostat is a very good energy-saving device. It can accurately detect the room temperature and can set the temperature to realize remote control of the wall-hung boiler through the thermostat. This is why the wall-hung boiler is equipped with a thermostat. Equipped with a thermostat can save money, comfort and convenience. Precise room temperature control, coupled with setting room temperature in different time periods, automatically controls the operation of the heating furnace, and does not need to burn gas for heating day and night, which obviously saves natural gas, and one heating season is enough to recover the cost.

Since thermostat is the important device on the boiler heating system, what kind of thermostat is the good option for controlling the boiler?

There are 2 types of thermostats could be the option:

1.      Normal Digital Thermostat

Ordinary wall-hung boiler thermostats are usually wired, and the thermostat has a passive contact output, which can be directly connected to the wall-hung boiler. It is generally installed not far from the boiler.

This type of thermostat generally are programmable, programmable thermostats generally have an LCD screen. The wall-hung boiler is controlled by a program. The temperature setting is also relatively free and the function is relatively powerful. You can set the temperature for each period of time, just one pre-operation setting.

2.  Smart Wifi digital Thermostat

The smart wall-hung boiler thermostat is equipped with wifi, which can be controlled remotely through the mobile phone APP, and can also be connected with Alex and Google home for voice control.

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