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What Is A Smart Thermostat?

What Is A Smart Thermostat?


A smart thermostat is an air conditioner thermostat that can be centrally managed and controlled comparing with traditional ac air conditioner thermostats. The Tuya smart thermostat effectively solves the problem of the property's centralized management and the control of thermostat.



With the increasing level of whole world’s economy, various large-scale buildings such as hotels, hotels, shopping malls, and office buildings start to use central air conditioning systems, and it is becoming more and more extensive. At present, many central air conditioners are based on fan coil thermostat, in which digital temperature controller thermostat is one of the end air conditioner parts. The user's room uses a common thermostat to control the temperature, which can freely adjust the indoor temperature, and can set various pre-set switch setting according to user requirements. Although it can automatically maintain room temperature according to presetting parameters, the thermostat is independently controlled. This kind ofBacnet fan coils thermostats can only adjust the water valve control and fan speed control according to the target temperature set by the user, which is not allowed for centralized control and management. Once the user leaves the room and forgets to turn off the air conditioner, the thermostat will not shut down automatically and regularly, and the building property cannot enter the user's room to turn off the thermostat, thus causing a huge waste of energy.

 Honeywell T6861

Introduction of A smart Thermostat

Therefore, in view of various shortcomings and deficiencies of Honeywell TF228WN traditional thermostats, smart thermostats come into being. It is a thermostat that can be centrally managed and controlled comparing the traditional thermostat, and can control the ON and OFF of fan coil system or floor heating system according to the difference between indoor temperature and set-point temperature, and then realize the local temperature remote control function.

Ordinary thermostats can only achieve local temperature control, while smart thermostats can be controlled remotely through network like RS485, Bacnet or WiFi. The fan coil units or heaters can be controlled to start or stop according to the difference between room temperature and pre-set temperature in thermostats. Under the control of the software, the a smart thermostat can remotely set the room temperature of each thermostat individually, modify the heat and cold mode, adjust the current fan speed state, on/off the thermostat etc., and it can also specify a certain a smart thermostats on a network controlled in a unified manner. At the same time, considering the user's convenience, a user-defined group management function is added to facilitate the user to customize the group-controlled thermostat according to the actual situation, so that the centralized temperature management and maintenance of the wifi air conditioner parts thermostat becomes very simple and convenient. For the convenience of user management, the system also implements user-defined schedule execution logic. The user can formulate different time control logics for workdays and weekends according to the actual situation, so that when the user is not managing, fan coil unit system or heating system can still work according to the schedule. System management is scheduled to greatly facilitate user management.

Tuya Thermostat


In summary, advantages of the smart digital thermostat are:

a. Control the start and stop of the fan coil units or heater according to the difference between indoor temperature and preset temperature;

b. Cumulative fan running time, statistics of energy consumption;

c. Equipped with a clock chip to realize timing switch on and off;

d. With the function of remote power on/off and temperature setting;

e. Realize local temperature control function;

f. Realize the network temperature control function.

g. Energy saving function.

h. It is suitable for intelligent control of central air conditioning system and underfloor heating system. Two tubes and four controls are optional.

Specifically, different functions can be configured as needed to save costs.


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