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HOTOWELL Appeared at Business Promotion Conference in Sao Paulo and FEBRAVA 2023

HOTOWELL Appeared at Business Promotion Conference in Sao Paulo and FEBRAVA 2023


HOTOWELL Attended the Business Promotion Conference in Sao Paulo

       Hotowell was invited to attended the business promotion conference organized by the Sao Paulo Economic Association, which is of great significance to Hotowell. This conference aims to promote economic exchanges and cooperation between China and Brazil, strengthen bilateral relations, and provide opportunities for the economic development of the two countries.

      At the conference, Hotowell communicated with representatives from local enterprises, government agencies, and industry associations in Sao Paulo to understand the needs and trends of the Brazilian market and explore cooperation opportunities. At the same time, Hotowell also take this opportunity to showcase the company's products and services and expand the influence in the Brazilian market.


     Through this conference, Hotowell established contacts with local Brazilian enterprises and government agencies to understand the needs and trends of the local market, lay the foundation for future cooperation, and achieve mutually beneficial and win-win goals.



About the FEBRAVA

        FEBRAVA is recognized as the most prominent event for the HVAC&R industry (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) across all of Latin America. It's more than an expo, it's a platform for innovations and technological trends in the sector, connecting the industry to installation professionals, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, engineers, designers and technicians. The exhibition covers a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from commercial to industrial refrigeration, domestic and central air conditioning systems, and diverse heating methods such as electric, gas, and solar heating. Additionally, areas such as water supply, air treatment, pertinent tools, and personal protective equipment are addressed. Numerous exhibitors seize this opportunity to display their latest products and services, bolster their brand image, and cultivate business relationships.



       Hotowell was pleased to bring a series of HVAC products such as  Fan Coil Thermostat, Heating Thermostat, Motorized Valve, Water Flow Switch, etc. at FEBRAVA.  For the exhibition, Hotowell has made a lot of preparations: posters, product catalogue, the exquisite sample boxes. The sample display box can not only display samples, but also allow customers to power on for sample testing at any time which allows customers to better understand the performance and quality of the product. This real-time interaction gives customers a deeper understanding of the products and enhances their trust in company. It attracted many customers during the exhibition.



T6861 thermostat and motorized valve HTW-V61 series are most popular among customers. T6861 thermostat not only upgraded the appearance of products, but also very affordable, which is in line with local market demand. During the exhibition, Hotowell warmly received customers, provided professional consulting, detailed answers to customers' specific needs. In addition, Hotowell has also prepared Chinese characteristics gift for customers. This enthusiastic service attitude makes customers feel very welcome, further enhancing their trust and recognition of the company.


Hotowell got a good evaluation at the FEBRAVA exhibition with the careful sample preparation, high-quality product and enthusiastic customer service. Hotowell has successfully attracted the attention and recognition of a large number of customers, increasing brand awareness and market influence.


T6861 Themostat/ V61 Motorized Valve/ Smart Thermostat/ Water Flow Switch