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Are You Looking for A Cost-effective Heating Thermostat?

Are You Looking for A Cost-effective Heating Thermostat?

      With the arrival of winter, heating thermostats are hot selling in the market. According to market demand, our company launched a smart heating thermostat. Its affordability, comprehensive functions and stylish appearance make it a new highlight in the market.


On Appearance:

1. LED display, more friendly interface; LED matrix light, energy saving, eye protection.

2. The ultra-thin embedded panel perfectly fits various wall surfaces.

3. Touch button and Knob to make simple operation.

4. Frameless acrylic panel design, simple and elegant.

5. Classic black and white color matching, seamless integration.

6. EU or standard electric box

7. PC fireproof materials



On Functionality:

1. It supports water heating and electric heating control as well as wall-mounted boiler heating.

2. With WiFi function, can be controlled by mobile phone

3. Preset adjustment of 5+1+1 mode in a week, programmable setting of 6 time periods a day.

4. Support Share device enables centralized control/multi-terminal control of an unlimited number of products.

5. Eco mode, best energy solution

6. Child lock and protect from high temperature function


      Of course, as an affordable product, its price is also very affordable. This thermostat combines performance and price. In general, this new smart heating thermostat provides consumers with a new, efficient and convenient heating solution with its stylish appearance, comprehensive functions and economical and practical features.


      If you are interested in our products, please contact us. At the same time, you can also browse our website: www.hotowell.com

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