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Thermal Actuator
Thermal Actuator Thermal Actuator Thermal Actuator Thermal Actuator Thermal Actuator

Thermal Actuator

Product ID : HTW-21RT
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Product Attributes :

--Thermal actuator<br />

--Temperature digital control <br />

--7 days week programmable<br />

--Energy saving mode<br />

--Valve statue<br />

--24-hour heating display<br />

Product Description

1.     General

HTW-21RT digital thermal actuator fits for radiator heater for room heating system. This digital thermostat valve has several mode selectable such as PRG programmable mode, manual mode, holiday mode, comfortable mode, energy saving mode. Compared with heat pump heating and electric boiler, which investment is more economical? Which one to choose? Clean heating is imperative, but because of the low initial investment when purchasing electric boilers, many users are eager for it. Take a building with a general structure as an example, if the heating load is 80w per square meter (recommended value for coal-to-electricity conversion), the total heating load is 1000㎡×80w/㎡=80KW; the commercial electricity price is calculated at 1 yuan/kWh; For 120 days. A total heat load of 80kW requires an electric boiler of 80kW. Throughout the heating season, the energy efficiency value of the air source heat pump is calculated as 2.5 times that of the electric boiler, and the power of the air source heat pump host is 32KW (80KW÷2.5=32KW), which is almost a 40P host.


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3.     Specification

 zigbee thermostat specification

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5.     Certifications

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6.     Our company

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Hotowell International Co., Limited gets pretty good reputation from the existing markets due to our stable product performance, reasonable competitive prices and thoughtful services. The most important thing for us is to develop, produce and design user-friendly products on the highest technical level. Hotowell pays high attention to meet requirements of the latest technical standard to ensure that our products can provide you with the most comfortable and safety experience. In this process, we keep an eye to compatible with latest quality and safety standards, and thus to make sure a long service life for our products.

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7.     FAQs

Q: Can I have sample before confirming bulk order?

A: Sure, sample order is acceptable, but we prefer samples be paid.


Q: Are products tested before shipping?

A: Yes, of course. All of our products not only thermostat but valves has 100% passed QC test before shipping.


Q: Are you manufacturer or trading company?

A: We have been manufacturing the HVAC thermostats and valves for over 10 years.


Q: Which field are your products applied to?

A: Our products can be applied to fan coil unit system, heat pump system, conventional air conditioning system.


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