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Easy Heat Heat Pump Thermostat
Easy Heat Heat Pump Thermostat Easy Heat Heat Pump Thermostat Easy Heat Heat Pump Thermostat Easy Heat Heat Pump Thermostat Easy Heat Heat Pump Thermostat

Easy Heat Heat Pump Thermostat

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Whether you need a low voltage or line voltage thermostat depends on the type of system you have. Easy heat thermostats tend to be more efficient and accurate, can be used with central heating and air systems, and often offer programmable options. It is recommended to use a single heating system with a line voltage thermostat.

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Heat pump thermostat does have some specific types of unconventional heating devices, which are not compatible with them, so before buying, it is recommended that you check with Hotowell if you have any questions.

If you have any questions about the compatibility of the system, please take a picture of the wiring and email it to the manufacturer of the device you are considering, and they will provide advice on suitability.

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Keep the temperature button keeps the required temperature, thereby maintaining consistent comfort.

Compatible with single-stage and two-stage heat pump systems and fossil fuel furnace applications; provides 2 heating stages and 1 cooling stage, not compatible with millivolt and 3-wire zone valve systems.


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Q: Is the thermostat programmed?

A: As the case may be, our thermostat is basically programmable. According to the programming function, it can be divided into 24 temperature control cycles for whole-day programming and 6 temperature control cycles per day for weekly programming.

Q: What is the reason that the room temperature cannot be raised during internal and external control?

A: Reason analysis: 1) The temperature setting is too low, resulting in the inconsistent heating and the actual requirements of the room. 2) Load fault or circuit fault.

Processing: As requested in the manual, enter advanced Settings for the thermostat to modify the LIT temperature limit and adjust the temperature limit.

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