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Buyer's Guide: How to check digital thermostat's quality?

Buyer's Guide: How to check digital thermostat's quality?

When many people buy a digital thermostat, they have many questions about what kind of digital thermostat is good. How to choose it? The following list 5 points, wish these will help you to check the quality of thermostat.

1) Look at the output control core selected by the thermostat—relay.

The relay is the core component of output control, and the stability of its performance determines the quality of the thermostat. The selection of the relay brand greatly affects the manufacturing cost of the digital thermostat, so the general manufacturers use mainly domestic relays, and good manufacturers use imported well-known brand relays. The quality of relays differs greatly between different grades, and the price also varies greatly. Customers can use this as a reference factor when choosing a thermostat.

2) The CPU of the thermostat is the brain of the thermostat, and its quality affects the accuracy and stability of the thermostat.


At present, there are mainly two types of combined data collection cores on the market: one is a collection core that is a combination of a microcontroller and an ADC chip, and the other is a powerful CPU integrated ADC collection core. Generally speaking, the integrated core stability is better, because more links are easy to go wrong. At present, the ADCs used in thermostats on the market are mainly 10-bit and 12-bit, and high-end ones use 14-bit or 16-bit. The higher the number of digits, the smaller the temperature change that can be resolved, that is, the higher the accuracy, so choose a thermostat with a high ADC digits as much as possible.

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3) The manufacturer's software programming method is also an aspect that affects the accuracy of the thermostat.

The temperature sensors used in general thermostats are NTC temperature sensors. The curve of its resistance with temperature is not linear, and the slope of the curve is different in different temperature intervals. Therefore, when programming, the manufacturer should divide the program into multiple sections according to this feature so that the displayed temperature is closer to the actual temperature. However, the program is something that the customer cannot see, and the average merchant will not actively tell the customer, so it is more difficult to pay attention to this.

4) Look at the power supply of the thermostat.

There are two main power supply modes for thermostats on the market: switching power supply and transformer power supply. Because the switching power supply is a high-frequency power supply, it has high requirements on the power supply part, and it is easy to produce EMI interference and affect the stability of the thermostat. Generally, customers do not know the quality of the power supply of the thermostat, so it is recommended to use a thermostat powered by a transformer. There are two types of transformers, one is the more common open transformer, and the other is a potted transformer, which has a plastic casing. Potting transformers have better moisture resistance and better electrical isolation, so it is recommended to use thermostats powered by potting transformers.

5) Try to buy a digital display thermostat.

There are two main types of thermostats on the market: mechanical and digital. The digital thermostat has the characteristics of humanized operation interface, intuitive and simple operation, etc. Therefore, the digital thermostat should be selected as much as possible.

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